One of our most important aspects of our trade is working for the individual and none more than building extensions. Adding both value and space to the properties of our clients provides great satisfaction and pride to us and our work force.

As with most construction projects there is a certain amount of deconstruction (or even demolition) that must happen before the actual building work can commence. The first stage of construction is the foundation and the concrete pads that will make up the sub floor.

Timber frame buildings go up quite quickly and often come in kit form. Once the timber frame is in position and fixed, the roof and external block or brick work can be built up. With the roof on and all of the block and brickwork finished, any external rendering (such as spar render) can be applied. The extension is then ready for the windows to be fitted and painting to be done.

With the main part of the construction almost complete, attention is be turned to i) making the area around the site, ii) painting and decorating, and iii) undertaking any landscaping along with building (or re-building) any outhouses.

It is NEVER the client's responsibility to clean up behind our professional workforce. We pride ourselves in the cleanliness of our sites.

Once the work is complete, garden walls and any special stone work features are all available along with any help and advice you may need with selection and maintenance, e.g. slab laying or even construction for a giant hot tub.

Our aim is to give the client exactly what they want.

LNS Builders in Pembrokeshire
LNS Builders in Pembrokeshire
LNS Builders in Pembrokeshire
LNS Builders in Pembrokeshire

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